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Shopping in Hua hin

Hua Hin has many local markets, the most popular one being the night market in the center of town. It opens daily from around 6pm till late and offers all sort of food, clothing, and wooden carving for tourists. This market is visited by many tourists and therefore prices are a bit higher that other local markets.

1) Chat Chai day market is just along from the night market and is mostly undercover. Here you can buy fruit, vegetables, fish, and meat at local prices. It is fun to stroll around the dim aisles that make up the market complex.

2) The weekend market at the Grand Hotel runs from Thursday to Sunday and offers something different again. Here you can shop for clothes, books, plants, toys, pets and tropical fish. This is another evening market starting at around 6pm.
3) Possibly the best and the largest market in Hua hin is at Pae Mai on Tuesdays (across the railway next to the driving range). This one gets very busy and is extremely popular with the locals, here you can get anything; fresh produce, clothing, motorcycle accessories, electrical appliances, tools, household items and much more. It is well worth a visit. 4) In the Khao Takiab area there is sea food market open daily early in the morning. You can buy here fresh or ready cooked food.

Cicada Market

It is one thing to talk about how different things are in Hua Hin today: new restaurants, new hotels, new houses, new shops, new people, busy, high-energy street and a thriving night market. But to gauge just how much has changed, step out to The Cicada Market inside The Venue at Suan Sri (next to Sasi Dinner Theatre and The Hyatt). It's a whole community featuring culture, art and dynamic activities with open and clean spaces in the area bounded by tropical trees. So come along, explore and experience the Cicada Market on October 3rd. The venue will be hosting four market activities : Art a la mode, Art of Act, Art indoor, and Art of Eating. Here's a run-down: Art a la mode : Browse and shop among a trendy and diverse selection of fine arts & crafts, accessories, antiques, books, secondhand goods, etc. Art of Act : The Amphitheater, a performance stage, will offer “One Funk Two Skas Cicada Concert”. Meet the Swiss band The STARCH which has a highly energetic music style described as a fusion of funk, rock, jazz and hip hop. The Starch will be performing with two Thai Skas band: Madagascar 11 Circle and The Superglasses Ska Ensemble. Art of Eating : The area features grilled food stalls. You don't have to bring dinner and visitors can choose from a very large menu. No-one need go hungry. Art Indoor : the house studios zone, is designed to put visitors directly in the path of the workshop area. The workshop in October will be “Look Hua Hin Through Lens.” Here you can meet and mix with local buffs to swap ideas. Also, individuals who love snapping pictures are welcome to enter the “Colorful of Cicada” competition. Just remember to bring your own camera! The Venue is Suan Sri, Khao Takieb, Hua Hin Hours: Every Saturday 3 pm to 9 pm (15:00 hrs to 21:00 hrs) The first Cicada Market will take place on 3rd October. Contact: Mr.Chanat 081-880-4004 For more information, please go to www.cicadamarket.net Email: contact@venue-suansri.com, info@cicadamarket.net Call: 081-880-4004 Fax: 032-536-987

Shoppping Malls and Supermarkets

Hua hin market village
There are two big shopping malls in Hua Hin. but most of the shops are small and privately owned. Many of these are located along the roads near the Sofitel and Hilton hotels.

Local Shops

For local handicrafts, the Hua Hin Bazaar, about 100 meters west of the beach, should be your first stop.There are hundreds of items in the shops with everything from shells and wood carvings to dried fish. All along Naresdamri Road up to Chomsin Road there are shops and tailors and restaurants. There are several silver shops on Chomsin Rd. There are many tailor shops in Hua Hin offering very competitive prices on western suits and dresses made from a wide variety of cloths. Suits can be made in 24 hours and the prices are very competitive. The recently opened Rashnee Silk Village on Naebkehard road is worth a visit. The place re-creates the ambience of a traditional Thai silk weaving rural village, there is a history of silk display, silk making processes and a general effort to increase awareness about Thai silk and its origins. On the way back to Bangkok it is worth to stop at one or both factory outlets near Phetchaburi. You can buy there mainly cloths produced on export to Europe at discount prices.

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