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TV in Hua Hin

Tv channels and your options

Thailand has five channels of free television service: Channel 3, Channel 5, Channel 7, Channel 9 and Channel 11. In Hua Hin, TV watchers who seek alternatives mostly turn to either locally dominated cable television network TrueVisions or the Hua Hin-based Hua Hin Cable TV. The remaining share in the alternative television sphere is scattered to a lesser reach of satellite television companies.
In this session, we bring to you summaries of the services offered by TrueVisions and Hua Hin Cable TV. You may contact dealers of satellite television providers to find out about different satellite television packages that are on offer.

True Visions 

The cable TV industry is dominated countrywide by TrueVisions, an arm of Thailand’s first convergence media business TRUE Corporation PCL. TrueVisions was formerly known as the United Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) until early 2007.

True Visions provides watchers with programs in various categories, coming in five different monthly packages. The price range goes from about 500 baht to over 2,000 baht per month. Besides, the newly initiated TrueLife Freeview Package offers a smart choice to viewers who do not want to subscribe to a monthly package. The TrueLife Freeview Package works in the pay-per-view system, allowing customers an access to 36 selected channels in the month they pay for (Call 0-2-647-0555).

The most of international contents are imported from the US, the UK and Japan. French variety channel TV5 and Chinese Central Television (CCTV) are additional selections. Each monthly package features proportions of international and local news, movies, entertainments, sports, documentaries, cartoons and music as reviewed below.

TrueVisions Platinum Package (2,115 baht; USD62/ month) subscribers to this top package enjoy the full range of 76 leading channels presenting an extensive array of entertainments (Sony-produced AXN, sport channel ESPN, movie channelHBO, dispenser of popular US-produced celebrity shows Star World, etc), knowledge (Discovery Channel, National Geographic, The History Channel, Animal Planet, etc) and reports of world events as well as international sport scenes (CNN, CNBC, BBC, Bloomberg, etc). Refer to http://cablemagic.ubctv.com/eng/ubc_platinum_package.aspx

TrueVisions Gold Package (1,567 baht; USD46/ month) coming to the second close to the Platinum Package, the Gold Package presents to its viewers 67 channels out of the full range. Some entertainment channels are missing (movie channel MGM, National Geographic Adventure, American celebrity show Star World, cartoon channel ANIMAX) while the main ones in each category remain. Refer to http://cablemagic.ubctv.com/eng/ubc_gold_package.aspx

TrueVisions Silver Package (905 baht; USD27/ month) the Silver Package features a few missing pieces to the Gold Package. However, main international channels that are shown through the Gold Package are absent (CNN, CNBC, BBC, ESPN, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Animal Planet, HBO, Star Movie, Cartoon Network, etc). Refer to http://cablemagic.ubctv.com/eng/ubc_silver_package.aspx

TrueVisions Knowledge Package (also known as the Bronze Package) (495 baht; USD15/ month) the Knowledge Package, or the Bronze Package, mainly carries TrueVisions-owned channels, covering multiple categories of contents imported from the overseas as well as locally produced. Almost all of the internationally-produced/owned channels are excluded from this package. Refer to http://cablemagic.ubctv.com/eng/ubc_knowledge_package.aspx

In subscribing, you are required to pay a 2,000-baht deposit and a certain amount of activation fee. The rate of activation fee varies according to promotions in effect at the time, which means new customers are not charged for the system activation in some periods. The 2,000-baht deposit will be refunded when you terminate the service after at least 6 months of subscription.

Subscribe to TrueVisions online at http://cablemagic.ubctv.com/getubc/eng/subscribenow.aspx or contact Khun Tatikawn at 02-615-9000 ext. 6209. The process takes 3-5 days for TrueVisions’s cable television channels to be available in your home.

Visit http://www.truecorp.co.th/eng/index.jsp for more information.

Hua Hin Cable TV 

Hua Hin Cable TV makes a relatively cost-saving choice to viewers in Hua Hin, with 63 local and overseas channels offered at the rate of 300 baht/month. New subscribers pay a 200-baht installation fee.

Aside from the free TV, Hua Hin Cable TV presents a fair range of local alternative cable television channels showing series, Thai country music, documentary and variety shows, among other categories.

Its list of overseas contents features VH1 (the US), TV5 (France), RAI International (Italy), DW (Germany), BBC World (England), Fox News (the US), CCTV (China), Australia International (Australia), sport channel Real Madrid (Spain), wrestling show Z (Japan), variety television Channel Nepal (Nepal) and ZEE Smile (India).

Many movies and music selections shown on Hua Hin Cable TV are old productions but documentaries are quite decent.

For subscription, call 032-512-558, 032-530-217, 032-530-218

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