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Wat Huay Mong Khon

Come see the WorldÂ’s largest monk statue

Most people who come to Hua Hin know the prominence of the Wat Huay Mongkhon and hence decide to pay a visit to witness and worship the sculpture of Somdet Luang Poo Tuad Yieb Nam Thale Jued, the worldÂ’s largest sculpture of His Reverend Luang Poh Tuad.

Opening hours: 6am - 9pm every day
Entrance price: Free
Price with tuk-tuk: 600 baht (distance: 18km from Hua Hin)

Laung Poo Tuad

His Reverend Luang Poh Tuad is one of the kingdomÂ’s famous and highly revered Buddhist monks. Many people recognize and remember Luang Poh Tuad for the miraculous act of having turned seawater into fresh water in one incident and, therefore, it was believed that he had supernatural powers. He had gained many followers since then.

Nowadays, people from different places donÂ’t hesitate to travel to Wat Huay Mongkhon, however long the journey may be, to pay respect to the large sculpture situated in this temple, because their faith in Luang Poo Tuad is such. Those who have faith in Luang Poo Tuad firmly believe that his sacredness provides protection against accidents, fire and various types of disasters.

The most prominent feature of this temple is the 9.9m wide and 11.5m high sculpture of Somdet Luang Poo Tuad Yieb Nam Thale Jued with the Royal symbol of Her Majesty the Queen Sirikit at the base. The sculpture depicts the revered Buddhist monk seated in the ‘lotus’ pose. The sculpture was built on the occasion of HMQ Sirikit’s Birthday Celebration (August 12th, 2004).

The famous talismanic objects

In Thailand, people are always on the lookout for something that will appease their mind. The belief in talismans, objects that are believed to have magical powers that shield against bad luck, bring about good luck and help people become wealthy reinforces the above statement. Wat Huay Mongkhon has also been famous for various kinds of amulets or talismans for a long time. Chatukam Ramathep which deniably is the most popular talisman in Thailand at the moment is also available at this temple. Furthermore, you can worship the big Chatukam deity here.

The natural environment

The whole area of more than 100 Rais of Wat Huay Mongkhon is very well maintained since this place has become a recreational area for visitors. They aim to preserve the natural environment as much as possible so that the place can truly serve as a relaxing atmosphere for all the visitors. There are pavilions with comfortable benches at almost every corner of the whole area. There are three main spots where you can pay respects to the BuddhaÂ’s idols, Luang Poo Tuad sculptures and other deities with flowers along with a candle and incense that will be provided. In addition, Wat Huay Mongkhon also houses a well decorated pavilion which contains Relic of the Buddha, open for the people to come and worship. After worshipping the Buddha idols, you may pay a visit to the almshouse that serves free meals throughout the day.

The Real meaning of Merit

Wat Huay Mongkhon has always been a generous institution that promotes and encourages people and other organizations to also make merit outside temple. They have many different projects such as helping small schools, hospitals, border police, etc. by providing them necessary facilities. This is possible because of the contribution people come and make at this holy temple.

The real developer

Phrakru Papatsorn Worrapinit, also known as Phra Archarn Pirot Papatsaro, the present abbot of Wat Huay Mongkhon is the real developer and the person behind all the development of this renowned temple. Phrakru Papatsorn Worrapinit himself is well known country wide as the monk who serves people and the country by all his good deeds.

Wat Huay Mongkhon is open to the public from 6 am to 9 pm everyday. Located about 18 kilometers west of Hua Hin, it is certainly comfortably placed.
Coming to such holy places will calm your mind and will improve your sense of well-being. ItÂ’s surely a place worth visiting. Dressing up politely will surely be admired.

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