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Restaurants in Hua hin

There are numerous restaurants in Hua Hin where you can go and enjoy delicious food. Whatever food you want – Thai, European, Chinese and many other, you get nice restaurants in Hua Hin for that. Not only a large number of restaurants in Hua Hin that amaze the tourists but also the fact that almost every restaurant in Hua Hin are really well-managed and hygienic with nice ambience and excellent service. Many restaurants in Hua Hin serve all kind of food, be it Thai food, European food, seafood or very traditional Thai cuisine while other restaurants in Hua Hin might serve only one particular kind of food. Therefore, you have many choices when it comes to restaurants in Hua Hin. One can just be indecisive when it comes to choosing one restaurant out of plenty of memorable eating place in Hua Hin. Go and try out all the famous restaurants in Hua Hin - there are plenty!

Vegetarian Food

Good news for vegetarians, veg food is also available in the very centre of the town. There is one famous vegetarian restaurant in the Hua Hin night market area. The restaurant is fairy well known and is visited most often by both Thais and foreigners. But don’t worry it isn’t the only one. Many others spread out all over the town. So we assured you that you do get pure and healthy vegetarian food in Hua Hin

Italian food in Hua hin

Italian restaurant Mamma mia Hua hin
Italian food is usually the top choice on many people’s lists of food. Plenty of restaurants in Hua Hin serve nice Italian food. You can also get authentic Italian food in many restaurants too. Many restaurants in Hua Hin that serve Italian food employ Italian chefs to prepare the food. That guarantees the quality and the taste of Italian food in restaurants in Hua Hin. You may do a little homework just to check which restaurant serves the real nice Italian food before you decide to go and eat. But most of the restaurants with Italian cuisine serve satisfying dishes. Thai and Italian Cuisine restaurants are also very common in Hua Hin. Therefore you go to one place and get both Italian food and Thai food at the same time in that case. Try Italian Food in many restaurants in Hua Hin and you won’t be disappointed.
Maharaja India restaurant Hua hin

East Asian Indan Food in Hua hin

Need lots and lots of spices? If this is something that you are not very familiar with, it will be a good change. Indian food is something quite different from European food or Thai food because of spices used in the Indian food. Many dishes are very tasty. In Hua Hin there are also quite a number of Indian restaurants available. The outstanding ones are Maharaja and Taj Mahal in Naresdamri Rd. Go try it whenever you’re in Hua Hin- you’ll love it!

Fast food in Hua hin

Fast food may be your quick choice sometimes when you are in a hurry or don’t know what to eat or where to go for your meal. There are many places for this kind of food in Hua Hin. What would you like to have? KFC, The Pizza, McDonald’s, Subway, Burger King and what not… Most of them situated in the town centre and you will definitely find them in Hua Hin Market Village too.

Hua Hin Seafood

La Mere
This is what you cannot afford to miss in Hua Hin. Seafood is a must to try since you’re in the place for it. Numerous restaurants in Hua Hin serve excellent fresh seafood prepared in many styles-Thai or international. You can totally be assured about the freshness of seafood used to prepare those dishes served in all restaurants in Hua Hin. Imagine how yummy it is- your Pad Thai Kung Sod with the freshest prawns brought straight from the sea! What else? - Fish? Crab? Or squid? Everything you want- all fresh and well prepared.

Romantic Atmospheric eating place in Hua Hin

Looking for a romantic place? Or a relaxing one? Having delicious food in a beautiful and relaxing place is the wonderful moment one can imagine. Many restaurants in Hua Hin can set you that very mood. Since there are all kinds of food available in restaurants in Hua Hin and there are also all kinds of atmosphere or environment that will make you feel happy and relaxed while eating. What kind of atmosphere you want? - Beautiful and well-laid garden, beachside restaurants, open courtyard decorated with various kind of plants or the luxuriously bedecked air conditioned room. Whatever kind of restaurant-you get it all in Hua Hin.

Thai Food In Hua hin

You have a variety of Thai food in almost every restaurant in Hua Hin. Typical Thai cuisine is found in all Thai food restaurants here. You can also try out local food that many restaurants in Hua Hin may suggest to you as their specialties. If you ever find Thai food in restaurants in Hua Hin too spicy, you can always talk to the chef and ask them if they can make Thai food of your style. They will always take the individual requests. Thai food in any restaurant in Hua Hin is not very expensive except those dishes that are prepared with big fish or expensive seafood, etc. There are many dishes of Thai food that you should try out once you come to Hua Hin. Salient examples may be Tom Yam Kung, Pla Krapong, Pad Thai Kung Sod, etc. Sea food that is prepared in Thai style is also very interesting to try. Some restaurants in Hua Hin that serve both Thai and European food can even make Thai food in European style or use some ingredients that are generally used in European food.

Beachfront restaurants in Hua hin

If you are looking for restaurants in Hua Hin that serve you not only the great food but also the lovely atmosphere as well as the wonderful scenery, you’ve got plenty too. There are a large number of beachfront restaurants in Hua Hin that you can choose to go and enjoy both the good food and the amazing environment. To name a few you have Chao lay, Ketsarin, Chom View, The Duke’s, Coco@51, Baan Itsara, and many others. It is a very good idea to go to such beachfront restaurants in Hua Hin. The good ambience will add to your satisfaction on that meal. In many beachfront hotels, resorts and guesthouses, they have also beachfront restaurants to serve you inside your accommodation area. Therefore you’ve got more choices.

Dinner on a stick in Hua hin

This might be a new term for many. But dinner on stick isn’t a new concept in Hua Hin. It actually is something like barbecues. If you walk along some busy roads in Hua Hin you will surely observe those dinner on stick food. It is nothing but grilled pork, chicken, meat ball, or all kinds of seafood on stick. Now choose your favorite! There will be many stalls put up along many roads in Hua Hin. Many people in Hua Hin choose this kind of food for their meal, especially dinner. It’s fun to walk along the road and eat your food. This dinner on stick is also quite cheap and anyone can afford it. But you just need to be careful and make sure that you choose the clean stall for your dinner on stick.

Buffet in Hua hin

Do you eat a lot? It’s nice to know that there are many restaurants in Hua Hin where you can enjoy varieties of buffet (especially for dinner). This will be a perfect choice for those who love eating and those who are quite choosy about food. Buffet restaurants in Hua Hin are mostly known as Ran Moo Kra Ta. Again, you get almost all kind of food in these restaurants in Hua Hin- pork, ham, beef, seafood, meat balls, hotdog and more. But you’ve got to cook it yourself. That’s the fun part. You’ll have to barbecue your food and then start enjoying them as you wish. Varieties of sauce are also available. Not only that there are other kind of (cooked) food put up for you to just take it and …have fun. And you wouldn’t want to miss various kinds of yummy desserts and fruits. Do try this also when you come to Hua Hin!

Streetside trolleys 

Hua Hin food on the sideKiosks making a living in Thailand could be so simple as loading food on a trolleys and wheel them to the street. Customers are just under way. Meanwhile, some small entrepreneurs take the alternative of getting themselves firmly stationed to kiosks and sell food on sidewalks. Food sold by trolleys and kiosks vary, ranging from seafood noodles, meatball noodles, Pad Thai, grilled chicken, Som Tam, milk-based beverages, and Thai desserts. An item is priced about 20-30 baht. The nightly market fills up Dechanuchit Road with about 100 trolleys and kiosks selling a great variety of food, snacks and desserts every night.

Other than those, there is this type of food seller which is quite unique of Thailand, called “Ran Ar-Han Tam Sung” (“cooked to your order”). They are commonly referred to as “Tam Sung” for a less mouthful effect. Tam Sung is presented in the form of shophouses, streetside trolleys and kiosks. As explained by the name, Tam Sung can prepare almost every basic dish. A dish takes only 5-10 minutes to prepare and costs 20-30 baht.

Hua Hin soupThe majority of Tam Sungs do not have hardcopy menus for customers to leaf through in the search of their picks. Customers are expected to come up with the orders on their own. The extensive Tam Sung menu features Kao Pad (stir-fried rice), Kai Jeaw (omelet fried in wok), Kai Dao (fried egg), Rad Na (stir-fried noodles in thick gravy), Pad Ga Prao Gai (chicken stir-fried with holy basil), Pad Thai Goong Sod (authentic Thai-style stir-fried noodles with prawns and egg), among others.

Dishes cannot feel complete without drinks by their sides. Soft drinks and beers are available in a fair range in Thailand. Non-alcohol drinkers can choose from the usual items like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Fanta Orange, Fanta Strawberry, and Fanta Cream Soda.

Beer lovers can as well sigh with relief. Aside from such local favorites as Singha, Chang, Leo, Tiger, and Heineken, beer lists in food places here also carry imported brands like Franziskaner, Weiss, Kloster, Erdinger Wheat, Erdinger Dunkel, Birra Morretti, Warsteiner and Pilsner.

Oh, this following special warning goes out specifically to health watchers who swear the allegiance to drinking water. You may come from countries where tap water is safe enough to be consumed. But, once you are in Thailand, bear in mind the level of hygiene does not apply here. If drinking water is your regular beverage, always get your thirst quenched with properly sealed bottled water.

This water-wise talk needs to extend to the cleanliness of ice. Ice served in food places mostly is purveyed by ice factories, and the process of making it, in general, does not appear so hygienic. Plus, you have completely no clue how the water is treated before the freezing. By far we have learned that very few people got sickened by consuming ice. We’re not drawing a conclusion on this subject, though. Iced or not, that’d rather be on your own consideration.

Hua Hin 7-elevenThe common array of beverages mentioned above, as well as off-the-list items such as premixed alcoholic beverages, milk, energy drinks, are also sold at cheaper prices than they are in eateries by small household retailers, outlets of retail chain 7-Eleven, hypermarket Tesco Lotus, and supermarket Tesco Lotus Express.

So far you probably have noticed the price differences between menus carried by different sorts of eateries. That could prompt you to question whether the quality of the food is actually different. Basically, out of question, decoration and rents makes the main factor of cost-doublers in upscale restaurants. Looking deep into the surface and underneath the image, food in Hua Hin generally is clean and safe to be consumed with no worries.

After all, though, be sure to check the cleanliness of the food-preparing area if you want to give a try to a sidewalk food kiosk. Or take an overall look of the dining space before making a decision to seat yourself and your companion in a proper restaurant.

A list of all restaurants in Hua hin

All Seasons Restaurant
BBQ, Thai and Seafood Restaurant opposite Hilton Brewery
154 Naresdamri Road, Hua Hin. Tel: 032-512979, Fax 032-532602
All In Hua Hin
12/1 Srasong Rd., Hua Hin, 77110, Tel: 032-530084
The Buffalo Tavern
International and Thai food.
8 Chomsin Rd, Hua Hin. Tel: 032-530087. Grid reference:
Burger King
Damnoern Kasem Rd Hua Hin. Home Delivery Tel: 032-511429
CoCo 51
Al fresco dining by the ocean, Extensive western, Thai menu and delightful relaxing ambience Soi 51, Hua Hin. Tel: 032-515597. Grid reference:
Chao Lay
Thai Sea food restaurant
15 Naresdamri Rd, Hua Hin. Tel: 032-513436-7. Grid reference:
Baan Dontree
1/63-64 Nongkae-Takiap Rd.,Hua Hin ,77110,Tel: 032-536450,081-8808994
California Mining Cantina
2 Naresdamri Rd.,Hua Hin 77110, Tel: 032-533599
Chao Lay
15 Naresdamri Rd, Hua Hin,77110 ,Tel: 032-513436-7
Corner 84 Cafe
214 Petchkasem Rd., Hua Hin, 77110, Tel: 032-515238
Gotland Restaurant
1/9 Sasong Rd.,Hua Hin 77110 Tel: 032-513125
Great American Rib
6/4 Sailom Pavilion,Damnernkasem Rd.,Hua Hin77110 Tel: 032-521255
Hagi Japanese Restaurant
Sofitel Central Hua Hin Resort 1 Damnernkasem Rd.,Hua Hin77110 Tel: 032-512021
Hua Hin Heidi's Garden Restaurant
Sofitel Central Hua Hin Resort 1 Damnernkasem Rd.,Hua Hin ,77110 Tel: 032-512021-38
Hua Hin Blue Elephant Terrace
33/14 Naresdamri Rd.,Hua Hin 77110 Tel: 032-532103
Hua Hin Dinner Theatre
83/159 Nhongkae Hua Hin ,77110 Tel: 032-512488,081-8804004
Hua Hin Khantoke Chang Show
19/106 Petchkasem Rd.,Hua Hin ,77110 Tel: 032-547718
Hua Hin Suan Pak Nam
214 petchkasem Rd.,Hua Hin ,77110 Tel: 032-515238
Hua Hin Sunshine Restaurant & Bakery
Euro/Thai food, German Bakery Deli & internet cafe.
30/5 Naresdamri Road Hua Hin. Tel: 032-532475, Fax 032-532602
Italian Restaurant Pizzeria
132 Naresdamri Rd., Hua Hin, 77110 , Tel: 032-513800
Johnna European & Thai Food
31/5 Naresdamri Rd., Hua Hin ,77110 Tel: 086-1656953
Kim's Kitchen
Small friendly family run restaurant serving Very good food.
200/7 Riabtang Rodfai Road, Hua Hin. Tel: 081-9662848. Grid reference:
Second floor Hua Hin Market Village.
Home Delivery Orders Tel: 1150. Grid reference:
Khaimuk Seafood
110/10 Satukarn Square Petchkasem Rd.,Hua Hin ,77110 Tel: 081-9017943,032-514230
La Grappa
Quality Italian cuisine in the heart of Hua Hin.
20/5 Poolsuk Rd, Hua Hin. Tel: 032-516510. Grid reference:
La Paillote
La Paillote is a French and Thai restaurant combined with three bars open 7 day a week from 11 am . 174/1 Naresdamri road, Hua Hin. Tel: 032-521025.
Little Denmark
A delicious selection of Danish, French and Thai food.
Naresdamri Rd, Hua Hin. Tel: 032-531354.
La Villa
A delicious selection of Italian food.
12/2 Poonsuk Rd, Hua Hin. Tel: 032-513435. Grid reference:
Lucky U
172/4 Naresdamri Rd.,Hua Hin ,77110 Tel: 032-533491-3
25 Naresdamri Rd.,Hua Hin ,77110 Tel: 032-531122
Mai Thai Cocktail
33/12 Naresdamri Rd.,Hua Hin ,77110 Tel: 032-533344
Mamma Mia & Pizza Mia
19 Domnoekasem Rd., Hua Hin,77110 Tel: 032-512250
A delicious selection of Danish, French and Thai food.
Naresdamri Rd, Hua Hin. Tel: 032-531354. Grid reference:
Mr Pancake
22/15 Petchkasem Rd.,Hua Hin, 77110 Tel: 083-2521268,087-9142142
Naresdamri Restaurant
17/1 Naresdamri Rd.,Hua Hin, 77110 Tel: 032-514199
Naresdamri Thai food Restaurant
Thai food Restaurant Hua Hin.
Naresdamri Rd, Hua Hin. Tel: 032-514199. Grid reference:
Pasta Factory, Hua Hin
Fine Italian food and serene settings.
129/5 Petchkasem Road, Soi 73, Hua Hin. Tel: 089-9181827. Grid reference:
Sea food Thai Style .
26/1 Naresdamri Rd, Hua Hin. Tel: 032-511932. Grid reference:
Stefano's Pizza
Our tasty menu offers a range of mouth-watering pizza's and pasta dishes along with a number of Western favourites.
5/210 Soi Bonkai, Hua Hin. Thai: 086-9536259 Eng: 087-1078901
Subway, Hua Hin
Great classic subway sandwiches now available in Hua Hin.
Unit 91 Sailom Pavilion, 6/4 Damnoenkasem Rd, Hua Hin. Tel: 032-521248. Grid ref:
Mamma Mia & Pizza Mia
19 Domnoekasem Rd., Hua Hin,77110 Tel: 032-512250
Naresdamri Restaurant
17/1 Naresdamri Rd.,Hua Hin, 77110 Tel: 032-514199
Palm Seafood Pavilion
1 Damnernkasem Rd.,Hua Hin, 77110 Tel: 032-512021
Roccia @ Hua hin
Fine Italian styling and dinning at Roccia Hua Hin 256/1-2 Petchkasem Rd (soi 94/2) Tel/Fax:023-521338-9 Grid Reference:
Rue Rimtarn
12203 Khao Takaib,Hua Hin, 77110 Tel: 032-516277
Sang Thai Seafood Restaurant
Fishing Pier,Hua Hin, 77110 ,Tel: 032-512144
Sasi Restaurant
83/159 Nhong-kae,Hua Hin 77110 Tel: 032-512488
Sea Side Restaurant
1/4 Naresdamri Rd.,Hua Hin, 77110 Tel: 032-533673
Taj Mahal Indian Indian Restaurant
31/1 Naresdamri Rd.,Hua Hin, 77110 Tel: 032-512613
The Hua Hin Thai Show
67/2 Dechanuchit Rd., Hua Hin, 77110, Tel: 032-511423
The Rock Hua Hin
4/44 Moo Baan Takiab, Takiab Road, Hua Hin, 77110, Tel: 77110
The Dukes, Hua Hin
Thai / Italian Cuisine by the ocean.
3 Damrongrat Rd Hua Hin (soi 51) Tel: 032-515787 Grid ref:
A delicious selection of Thai style sea food.
11/1 Naresdamri Rd, Hua Hin. Tel: 032-521234 . Grid reference:
The Pizza Company, Hua Hin
Second floor Hua Hin Market Village
Home Delivery Orders Tel: 1122 Grid ref:
The Windmill (Windmollen)
Pizza, burgers , kebabs and much more! DELIVERY!!!
222/2 unit 10 Grand Hotel Plaza Petchkasem road, Hua Hin, 77110. Tel 081-0070115

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