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Hua hin to bangkok by train

Only 281 kilometers far, Hua Hin is one of the beach destinations closest to Bangkok, which takes only two hours and a half up to five hours to conveniently get to by train, bus, minibus, taxi, or plane. Find out the details of the transportations below.

By train

• Special Express Train (2 hrs 30  4 hrs)
• Express Train (approx. 4 hrs)
• Rapid Train (approx. 5 hrs)
• Ordinary Train (approx. 5 hrs)

Bangkok to Hua Hin Timetable
Line No.Types of carDepartureArrival
43Special Express08:0511:11
35Special Express14:4518:11
37Special Express15:1019:08
83Special Express17:0520:43
41Special Express22:5002:04
39Special Express22:5002:04

Hua Hin to Bangkok Timetable
Line No.Types of carDepartureArrival
44Special Express01:3905:40
42Special Express01:3905:40
36Special Express04:4509:30
38Special Express05:3410:30
40Special Express16:0119:45


What makes trains a better choice for traveling to Hua Hin?
Built with solid metal and running on their own tracks, trains naturally are safer and allow you to manage your itineraries with a higher accuracy.

How do I reserve train tickets?
Tickets can be reserved 60 days in prior at any train stations across the country as well as via the Internet. An online reservation, however, is subjected to an additional fee of 200 baht, which is paid at the train station when you pick up the tickets. To reserve tickets via the Internet, send emails to

How do I handle my luggage?
The State Railway of Thailand sets the maximum weight of luggages that passengers traveling in different types of coach are allowed to bring with them aboard free of charge.
A passenger of the first-class coach may carry luggage of up to 50 kg. The maximum weight of a luggage belonging to a passenger of the second-class coach is 40 kg. The weight limit for a third-class-coach passengerÂ’s luggage is 30 kg.
Accretions are subjected to according amount of fees.

Getting to the train stations
All train stations in Bangkok and in Hua Hin are highly accessible by public transportations.
Getting a ride to any places in Bangkok is as easy as waving in a cab on sidewalk, whenever and wherever. The national train station Hua Lum Pong is also accessible by the subway.
The Hua Hin train station is only 500 meters far from the beach. A motorbike ride from the main beach entrance (the alley where the tourist police bureau is located) to the train station costs up to 20 baht. Taxi motorbikes are available all over Hua Hin. Refer to the “How to Get around in Hua Hin” section for your transportation alternatives. View the map at the bottom of this page.

What if I miss the train?!
Be easy and contact the ticket officer within 1 hour from the trainÂ’s departure. Your ticket can be reissued with an additional fee of 20 baht if the seat you have reserved is in a non-AC coach, or 50 baht if in an air-conditioned coach.
For more information, visit
or send emails to

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