vrijdag 28 juni 2013

Hua Hin Market Village

Hua Hin Market Village is a big shopping mall in Hua Hin after western style and with western brands. This is the first large-scale shopping and entertainment complex in Hua Hin, and after opening in February 2006 the mall has since then grown in popularity amongst residents and visitors.

Market Village is located on the main Petchkassem Road, south of central Hua Hin past Grand Plaza heading south towards Khao Takiab. Market Village is about 5 minutes from centrums of Hua Hin by tuk-tuk or taxi or 2-3 minutes from Hilton Hotels.

The top floor is the main entertainment floor. It's divided into four main sections:
  • The Arcade halls - These halls have lots of arcade games including a stepping stage, House of the Dead etc
  • The Cinema - A few movies are shown in English with Thai subtitles, but moast are dubbed
  • The Bowling alley - Offers bowling on a limited numbers of courses
  • The Main hall with shops - Some Coffeshops and clothstores can be found, but not much

Some Thai youths and tourists are able to spend their whole day here. It is easy to understand why!

Hua Hin Market Village includes everything you find in a big shopping mall back home for example Tesco Lotus, Home Pro, Major Cineplex

There are also a lot of small shops and international restaurants (Pizza Company, KFC, Swensson m.fl). A lot of big cloth brands have also stores here. For exsampel Lee, Wrangler, Adidas and Lacoste. This is like going back home in the first class shopping mall you find there, if not better. The prices is anyway better. PS! The restrooms are free of charge and is kept nice and clean. 

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