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Bars in Hua hin

With more than 50 different bars to choose from you will be spoilt for choice in Hua Hin. Hua Hin nightlife is a milder version of Pattaya or Bangkok. Far more laid back and not so intense wit a pleasant amount of bargirls, It's a great place to relax and unwind. What is also great about the Hua Hin nightlife is that the bars are all intergrated, within a small area, which will take around 5-10 minutes to cover. Most soi's (roads) are free from traffic and not too busy whatever season you go. Hua Hin is cleaner with very little crime. So overall a nice place for families groups or honeymoons.

Hua hin Family bars

Mai Tai is a bit more locally oriented watering hole next to Hua Hin Hilton on the tourist district. The price levels are quite the same as in surrounding pubs, but the atmosphere is different. However, don't expect to have any "authentic" Thai experience, but more like of a bit shabby bar, television shouting Thai soap opera or sports, and surprisingly inattentive service. The beer is cold, and they serve some more complex drinks, such as local variant of Irish coffee. The price level is just right, so you could booze the whole night and still have a lot of money left. There is also Admirals Pub opposite City Beach hotel that re-creates that classic pub atmosphere and a couple of smaller cocktail lounges such as Adrenaline along Naresdamri Road across from the Sofitel.

About the bars in Hua hin

Most of the bars in Soi Bintabaht are the standard beer bar serving Heineken for 65 Baht, Singha/Chang for 50, the going barfine rate in Hua Hin is 200 to 300 Baht. The girls will generally go for between 500 and 1,000 Baht (all night). This can also be discussed if you stay together for a few days. Closing time varies with the moods of the local constabulary and political events, it's usually between 1 and 2a.m. However bars will endeavor to stay open if they are busy. There are a few bars known for their late night tendencies. A few places in town stand out from the rest; two bars down 'the soi' are U-Turn Bar and Toro Bar. These both have plenty of girls (most nights), pool tables and sports TV. They are also known to stay open a little later than usual. Most of the other bars vary from day to day with their consistency; you'll just have to try your luck! A little off 'the soi' is Octopussy, another better rated bar for its girls and pool tables (although one of the very few bars in Hua Hin that charge for pool). If you're into your sports there's Billy's Bar in the Bazaar area and if you're still thirsty at 3a.m. you can always get a beer in Nice n' Easy. If you want to meet or hang out with the long timers and expats have a beer in Johnnie Walkers.

Johnnie Walkers sports and music bar:

Situated on Soi Selakam they offer a bar experience to remember catering for everyone. With music, sports, entertainment, events, food and a wide range of beverages for the best American pool style table, great staff here as well and probably the only place for non-bar girl decent music in town.

P & P Bar

Good music, top service, friendly staff, good fun and good laughs.
Relax with the girls who will brighten up your evening. Ice cold beers and a full range of cocktails are available. P and P Bar

Octopussy Bar

Octopussy in Hua Hin is by far the best drinking hole in Hua Hin with it's new extention and garden. This bar has, two American pool tables, darts, table football Six Tv,s to keep you up to date with all the sport and news you will ever need. They serve local and imported beers wines and spirits. The cocktail menu has over 100 different. A must if your passing . Located in the centre of Hua Hin on Poolsuk Rd just off Dechanuchit Rd.

The Sugar Cane Bar: Hua hin

The Sugar Cane Bar is housed in a converted Thai wooden house first built in the 1930's It has been modernised whilst retaining it's original character. The architecture lends itself to a warm and friendly atmosphere. We strive to offer the best service with the minimum of hassle

Lazy Daze Bar: Hua hin

Pull up a stool at the bar and meet the friendly staff or sit back in the comfy chairs and let the ladies pamper you. They have a full range of cold beers and cocktails available. Have a free game of pool on their new American style table.

Romantic: Hua hin

This is one of the longest running bars in Hua Hin, they have been serving cold beers and good times for 5 years now. With a steady supply of loyal repeat visitors and a great family atmosphere you will always feel at home inRomantic Bar.

Blue Angel Cabaret: Hua hin

Take the time out to see something different during your time in Hua Hin. The show at Blue Angel is drama, beauty, chic and elegance with up tempo costumes and lighting, to dazzle your eyes and your mind. Its a nightly transvestite show at 20:00 and 21:45 and a midnight show on weekends. Your in a room no bigger than a 20x20 feet

The Shed Bar and Guesthouse: Hua hin

Another great friendly little place to meet some of Hua Hin's expats. A good music system on the computer and a friendly atmosphere welcomes you here. They also do great breakfasts.

List of Other Bars and Places to Relax:

Toro Bar : London Lounge : Nice n Easy : The Ship : Octopussy : Jungle Juice : Nat Bar : Fairways : Funny Girl Bar : Billy's Bar : Coconuts : U-turn Bar : Mondo's : Phoenix Bar : Jack Bar Celtic Bar : Flamingo Bar : Club 99 : Sabai : Friendly Bar : Starfish Bar : Valhalla : Love Shack : Lips Bar : Rose Bar : Roadhole : Linda Bar : Kittys Saloon : Buddy Bar : Mats Vegas : Rainbow Bar : Coconuts 2 : Breezin Bar : Valentine Bar : Susi Bar : Kamlai Bar : Kig Bar : Jailhouse : Limelight : Cheers Bar : Tiger Bar : Colorado : Banana Bar : Sparks Bar : Caddyshack : Joy Bar : Merlin : Old Germany : Scotties : Head Rock : Nid's Place : Queen Victoria : Miami Bar : Lucky Lukes : Sawan : King Bar : Philips Bar Easy Rider : Dick's Office : Bamboo Grove : Bernies Inn : Nervana : J Gene Pub : Crawfords

Damnernkasem Road Hua Hin - Pavillion Village
Beer and cocktails
All Nations
10-10/1 Dechanuchit Road & 54/6 Leung Lom Soi, Dechanuchit Road
032 512 747 & 032 531 240
Drinks & Internet
Aurora ( Canadian)
2 Soi Selakarm
01 572 3204, 06 802 2754
Food, drinks and cocktails
Bamboo Grove
180/12 Chomsin Road
09 550 1979
western& Thai food, darts, American pool table, pool and darts competitions
Billy's Bar
Hua Hin Bazaar
0 32 532 093
western & Thai food, pool, darts, sport TV
178/27 Soi Selawat
07 156 2853
drinks & scandinavian food
Poonsuk Road Hua Hin - near temple
Jail House (Danish)
Soi 55
032 530258, 019422782
Pool table and big screen TV
J.Gene Pub
Soi Binthabat Hua Hin - near Hilton Hotel
Live music
Johnnie Walkers
56 Selakam Road Hua Hin
06 167 7120
Pool table & darts, sport & music, big screen TV
Jungle Juice Bar & Restaurant
19/1 Selakem Road Hua Hin
06 167 7120
English & Thai menu, pool table, darts, bar billiards
London Bar
Poonsuk Road Hua Hin - near temple
Pool table & sports TV, drinks
Lucky Lukes 2
20/10 Soi Bintabaht
032 515124
Poolsuk Rd
Giant TV screen, pool and darts , drinks
Red Indian
Hua Hin Bazaar, opposite the Sofitel Hotel
Sawan Pub (Danish)
28/1 Polsuk Road
032 514 191
Star Planet
16 Damnoenkasem Road
032 512 448
drinks & cocktails
Stonehead Fred's
Soi Selakarm
drinks & cocktails
The Beachcomber Bar & Grill
56 Selakem Road Hua Hin
06 167 7120
Grill, pool table, darts, table soccer, big screen TV
The Road Hole
38/10 Poolsuk Road Hua HIn
0 32 532 541
pool table & big screen TV
The Rock
Soi Bintaban, 20/11-12 Poolsuk Road Hua HIn
0 32 532 281
The Shamrock
Poonsuk Road Hua Hin - near temple
Irish bar
Toro Bar
Soi Bintabat
U Turn
Soi Binthabat
pool table & drinks

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